February 18, 2018

Laneway Singapore 2018

Playing in Laneway Singapore was definitely one for the books. So many memories to cap off that weekend – having a sweet send-off gig with our fans and friends and being reminded of how home base supported us all the way, hanging out with our families and close friends who flew to Singapore with a battalion of head cut-outs and pumped up the crowd, getting to meet the other artists backstage, and food tripping in Singapore’s hawker stalls and markets. We’ve always wanted to play in Singapore but never thought it would happen so soon. We’re so grateful to have.

January 5, 2018

Our 2017 Year-End Post

The year may have just ended, but allow us to share our milestones for 2017. It was a major year for us, and we are grateful for the amazing opportunities that came our way. Last year, we made two important plans — one for our debut album launch and one for after. The first was a major production. Learning from our do-it-yourself EP launch in 2015, we tapped events & music production agency HOMONYM to help us launch our album at The Palace Pool Club. While we still did a lot of things ourselves (designing the graphics, looking for sponsors,.