The Ransom Collective

After winning “Wanderband,” in 2014, a competition between the Philippines’ emerging young acts, The Ransom Collective swiftly found themselves on stages all over Manila. The six-piece indie folk group went on to play the annual Wanderland Festival, sharing the stage with bands such as The Drums, The Royal Concept, and Architecture in Helsinki.

They then released their self-titled EP in November 2014, and their full length album “Traces” in May 2017, both to high praise from music critics and peers.

Comprised of Kian Ransom (vocals, guitar), Redd Claudio (drums), Jermaine Choa Peck (percussions, vocals), Leah Halili (bass, vocals), Lily Gonzales (keyboards, vocals), and Muriel Gonzales (violin, vocals), the band fuses unique percussive patterns, acoustic guitar driven leads, melodic violin phrases, and full vocal swells to create their distinctive sound.

In their short time as a group, the band has established a strong presence in the local music scene, played in the country’s major music festivals, collaborated with Yuna (Malaysia), GAC (Indonesia), and Gabby Alipe of Urbandub (Philippines), and having performed at their first out-of-country stage in India (ASEAN-India Music Festival 2017), are now setting their sights on making a mark in Southeast Asia.

Kian Ransom
vocals & guitar

Kian started learning to play the drums and guitar at a young age. He began songwriting and producing in high school and continued studying and making music until he left college to pursue it full-time. He mixed, mastered, and produced the band’s first self-entitled EP.

Leah Halili
Bass & Vocals

Leah started singing and playing the guitar and ukelele at a young age. She self-taught herself to play the bass when she joined the band. When not playing at gigs, she performs mini broadway shows and solo performances.

Lily Gonzales
Keyboard & Vocals

Lily learned how to play the piano from her Grandpa at the age of five. She also took classical lessons growing up, but only began to really like music when she discovered she could write her own. She currently augments her musicality by studying music theory in her spare time.

Muriel Gonzales
Violin & Vocals

Muriel started playing the violin at the age of 10 as part of her school’s curriculum. She continued to pursue classical studies with professors Coke Bolipata & Sergio Esmilla up until high school. In college she started exploring and experimenting with different genres and has since pursued this route.

Jermaine Choa Peck
Percussion & Vocals

Jermaine started doing musicals at the age of 7 and has since been performing theatre and the like. She taught herself how to play the ukulele in high school and picked up the percussions as the band progressed.

Redd claudio

Redd started playing drums when he was 12 years old. He took lessons for around two years until he decided to learn independently. Prior to the band, he joined a few other bands and music organizations in school. He is currently taking lessons again to expand his skill and style as a musician.